Akzona Loft
Breeding 40 Years Of Performance Racing Pigeons

"The Showdown Cock"

" Showdown " Is grandson of Crazy Al " Baron " Klak Janssen the " Baron " bred many winners for Al and for others and big money winners in the One Loft Racing.
" Showdown " was Equal 1st @ 300 miles in the Chris Peeman 1st One Loft Race named the " Texas Showdown " the next year Chris Changed it to the " Texas Shootout "​
One of My Top breeders sire to  the " Spirit " AU 13 ARPU 18144 B.C. H. she won the Spirit of the Colorado One Loft Race Equal 1st 2nd in the trap.Sire to " Show Boy " AU 11 ARPU 11829 B.B.C. & " Show Girl " AU 11 ARPU 11830 B.B. H. Equal 1st @ 300 Miles in our Foothills Racing Pigeon club 2011 young birds.

"Mr. Texas"

" Mr. Texas "  Is down from my old line Janssen base cock was a gift Calia Janssen from my dear friend Howard Truman, Ca. ​( deceased ) What a great friend he was to me." Mr. Texas " mother is " Dixie " my foundation to my Van Loon family and she has my old Janssen family on sire side. Full bother # 1018 was Ace Pigeon as Y.B And AcePigeonTwice O.B.Winning 6 X 1st From 100 Mile To 300 Mile.

Sire To  Equal 1st @ 300 Mile " Texas Shootout " Winning 24,000 pts. Sire To 1st Ace Pigeon 2013 in our Foothills Racing Pigeon Club average birds flown against 300 plus birds.​ Sire and Grand Sire To Many Breeders & Winners.
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" Happy " Son of " White Tail " & " Marylin " and  a great grand son of the " National " by Jan Grondelaers. " Marylin " is a daughter of " Showdown " and my " 6043 Hen " down from my Van Moorsel line of " Colleen ". " Marylin " was 21st at 300 mile in the Texas Shootout winning a 1000 pts.

" Happy " sons and daughters have become great breeders for me, He also flew well from 100 Mile to 300 Mile and was a clock bird for me in the 300 miles.

"Mrs. Texas"

"Mrs. Texas" Her Sire is "Fella Van Moorsel" and his sire is "Fella' from the "De Rakker" & "De Donker Peral". His Dam
Is none other than the "Van Moorsel" winner of over 21 st her racing carrier. The "Van Moorsel" is from "Jupiter" & "Libera" from Piet Valk. Her Dam is "Favorieke" showing the Janssen Bros. and "De Klak" lines.