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 4 - Young Bird Kit From My Breeders. Selection Of My Choice.
All Birds Will Be Vaccinated For PMV. Birds Will Be Shipped At 35 to 45 Days old.

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Akzona Loft has been racing and breeding quality racing pigeons for 40 years, my family of birds are my old line Janssen family, the Van Moorsel Janssen, the  Grondelaers from the " National " Jan Grondelaer, the old line Van Loon, the " Magic Pair ", the German Klak Janssens from Crazy Al the " Baron " also his " VIP " family. Introducing New Line the Jan Van De Pasch & Daughter family of birds.


In 2014 we purchase two direct Jan Van De Pasch & Daughter import "Luke"& "Lucy". In 2016 I aquried "Sampson" another Direct from Jan Van De Pasch & Daughter who will be mated to daughters of "Luke" & "Lucy".

The phenomenal Jan van de Pasch & Daughter have an outstanding record fot titles and Ace pigeons in Nerthland.This family of birds are very poweful in the hand and have all the tools to be winners.
"Blue Venus"

"Blue Venus" One of the nicest hens from the Jan Van De Pasch & Dtr.
She also has a great racing record behind her. Her grand mother on the sire side is none other "Olypmic Venus" 2nd All Around Poznan Polen 2011 1st Pre-Olympiadeduif All Around Dortmunt ' 09. So glad we putchased her to add to the Van De Pasch lines.

Childern From "Luke" & "Lucy"

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Akzona Loft is adding this great family of pigeons to my existing family to enhance the winning genes of this family. I have crossed them into my family as of this year and looking forward to see how they fly for me. In 2018 will mate "Gretel" to "Sampson".

" Derek " &" Danny Girl Spirit" "Super Blue" & "Code Blue"Just Four Of Our Super Star Performer 2014 Y.B.

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"Derek" has bred winners for me. See "Carla" winner in the 2016 Young Bird champion.

Five Super Stars For 2017 Young Bird Season
"Granger"-"Lukas Texas"-"Sterling" - "Hans" And "Donna Dream


Sire: "Granite" Inbred To My Grondelaer Family.
Dam: "Dino Girl" Goes Back To My "Mr. Texas" Old Line Janssen And Van Loon With The Van Moorsel Janssen. She Was A Money Winner @ 300 Miles OLR Breeder Fall Classic.

"Luka Texas"

Sire: "Mr. Texas" my all time #1 breeder sire to Ace Pigeons, OLR money winners $$$$ all with several different childern. His sons & daughters also breeding winners.
Dam: "Lucida" Direct daughter of "Luke" & Lucy" Van De Pasch imports. Frist year breeding and breeding winners.


Sire: "Stefan" 100% Janssen from Midnight Blue Loft/Tom Fremont. His 1st year breeding is "Sterling" & "Stephanie". Just look at "Sterling" has that beautiful head nothing but 1st class winner.
Dam: "Boomer Girl" Van Loon on the sire side and mother is my old Janssen/Vanloon family with the Van Moorsel on her grand dam side. Outstanding.

Akzona Loft

Sire: "Hansel" son of "Luke" & "Lucy" import pair of Van De Pasch & Drt. "Hansel" is one of my favorits, he smart and fearless of me. As you can see his son "Hans" a double Eq 1st for me and flew great on the 300 mile race.
Dam: "Miss 146 Moorsel" She was a outstanding raceer for me scoring top 10% on two races and twice top 20%. She also bred "Dino Girl" winner of Breeder Fall Classic $$$ on 300 mile event. "Dino Girl" is mother to "Granger" my 280 mile winner.

"Donna Dream"

Sire: Bred By Joe Nemelka. Ut,
Purchased By Mike Melin, Co.Many Winners In This Bird. Dam 477 Has Bred NRPL 9064 Who Was 1st Ace In 2012 OB's For NRPL And 9064 Was Sire To 168th In 2013 MDPR Final. Used this nice cock for one year breeding from Mike and wow bred a Ace Pigeon for me, thanks Mike Melin.

Dam: "Dream Moorsel" She was a outstanding Flyer for me scoring top 10% on two races and three top 20%. Ountansting she is Dam and Grand Dam of 10 1st place winners from 100 Miles To 350 Miles. She also is Grand Dam To "Dino Girl" winner of Breeder Fall Classic $$$ on 300 mile event. "Dino Girl" is mother to "Granger" my 280 mile winner. She handles like a "Dream" in the hand.

"Valentine Bobby"

Sire: "Bob" Bred By M & C Hansen,Denmark
"Bob" Last son of "Golath" Our fondation Cock Direct From Louis Van Loon. "Bob" has been a fantasic breeder and handling cock for our Van Loon family. "Golath" has bred 5 X 1st and many top 10% performance birds for M & C Hansen.

Dam: "Poppe 202" She is 100% Luis Van Loon and from orginal family. By M & C Hansen.

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